In Houston, Texas, Sarita Anderson shares how the love of her life changed her life forever.

They began as co-workers that eventually became much more. In the summer of 2013, Sarita Anderson found herself head over heels in love with Karim “Tyson” Zakikhani

In speaking with Tmzworldnews.com, she shared the following about their relationship:

“We went to concerts. We went to comedy shows. We went out to eat all the time,” Anderson said. “My son just soaked him up. They would play PlayStation together, so he really bonded with my son.”

After becoming sexually active with one another, Anderson suggested that they go get STD testing.

“As a sign of good faith,” she said. “I knew I was clean because I had previously a month before had a well woman’s exam. Well, two months before, so I knew I was clean.

Sarita provided medical records to Click 2 Houston news to show that she had not been diagnosed with or treated for HIV prior to September 2013.

And Anderson said Zakikhani told her he too had tested negative for the virus.

Trusting in Karim “Tyson” Zakikhani, she never asked him to provide paperwork to prove his negative status. She trusted him. She loved him.

In April of 2014, Anderson began to experience some drastic changes to her body. She lost a considerable amount of weight, 65 pounds to be exact.

Not only did she shed weight but she lost her hair along with her nails. Next, she was in the hospital for days.

Zakikhani was by her side the entire time, comforting her, and praying they would find a solution to her illness.

“It just felt like a bad flu, and I went to the hospital,” Anderson said. “I thought that my weight loss was because I wasn’t eating like I should because it hurt to eat. It hurt to digest.”

Then, in September, she received devastating news that would change her life forever.

Doctors revealed to Sarita that she was HIV positive.

“He said, ‘Well, Ms. Anderson, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re HIV-positive.’ I said, ‘Really? How many tests did you run?’ He said, ‘We’ve ran a total of four.”

Heartbroken and stunned, she confronted Zakikhani and called the police. She received shocking news from the police.

According to police, Zakikhani tested positive for HIV years before, and knowingly infected Anderson.
Officer Waldie shared that Zakikhani was diagnosed as HIV positive in March of 2008. Sadly, he knew why Sarita was sick.

What is even scarier is that Anderson was not the only one Zakikhani infected. Channel 2 Investigates discovered another relationship Zakikhani had prior to his relationship with Sarita.

That individual contracted HIV, too.

Zakikhani was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and his bail was set at $30,000.

Child's hands holding an HIV awareness ribbon, Cape Town, South Africa

Child’s hands holding an HIV awareness ribbon, Cape Town, South Africa

Now, Sarita is reaching out to inform other women who may have been infected and not know.

While Anderson felt like dying and giving up, she was blessed with a beautiful baby boy, a 10-month-old son with Zakikhani, that is HIV negative.

“He’s a friendly baby,” Anderson said. “And by the grace, he was negative for everything. I think that he was my saving grace, because I was just ready to die.”