Man Stabs Wife To Death For Saying He Had A Little D!ck

Dominique Flower of St. Petersburg stabbed his wife to death after saying he had a much “smaller male part then her previous boyfriends,” according to authorities.

While the criminal complaint does not include his wife’s answer, it does state that Flower, 30, proceeded to stab her in the face and body in a fit of rage with a kitchen knife after she told him his weenie was too little.

Flower was charged with 2nd Degree Murder and appeared in court where he was ordered held without bond.

According to court records Flower has apologized by saying:

“There is a line you don’t cross and she know I’m sensitive about my d*ck, that’s why I always put it in her butt, her p**sy too loose”

Flower has previously been arrested for marijuana possession, domestic battery and driving with a suspended or revoked license, records show.