Chicago Man Arrested for Slapping 25 B*tches Because He Was Tired of B*tches

A 23 year old Chicago man was arrested last night for slapping 25 Bitches.

He said he was tired of bitches playing games so he went to the liquor store on 71st and state brought a 5th of Hennessy and got pissy drunk.

He then proceeded to walk down the street and slap the dog sh*t out of every bitch he approached.

“I thought he was a Pimp the way he was slapping them hoes around but he ain’t ask them for no money ” — Witness

He attempted to slap a heaven set woman and they got into an argument and the police arrived to take him into custody.

He is being held at the county jail and faces multiple charges for assault, disorderly conduct and being publicly intoxicated.

He released a statement to TMZHIPHOP:

“They can all me Captain smack a hoe, sometimes bitchez do stupid shit and gotta get smacked ,a bitch could be a male nowadays theirs alot of male-bitchez Too”

His court date is set for next month. He has not yet posted bond